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Monday, 19 May 2014

Shellys Jewerly Box By Designer Judy O'Dell

I am very excited to share with you my latest finish. It has been designed by Judy O'Dell. As you know I luv this designer, she amazes me with the things she comes up with.  I used the design to make the pincushion and the fob with scissor case, as the design was only for the box, lid and needle roll, which I made smaller and into a needle/book.  I used an ecru colour fabric for the inside of the box, and green fabric for the out side parts of the, but I used linen for the stitching, the green fabric is used on the lid and bottom of the box.  its a very generous sized box, I'm really pleased how it turned out.  I used a combination of about 20 packets of beads, gold more than the pink ones, I used metallic gold sewing machine thread to stitch the gold beads on, and I used about 30 meters of green ribbon in total.  For the pincushion, I used a wooden based one, where you just attach the stitched piece to the cushion and then the screw on the bottom underneath holds it all together.  The green buttons you see are vintage buttons which I bought a while back from a lady that was selling her mother's and grandmother's buttons at a car boot sale. I'm glad I have given these buttons a special place on the sewing box set. thank you for visiting.
So I will now leave you to enjoy all the pictures.
luv from Olga.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Passione Ricamo Morning Fae

 photo 7e6904e3-1f6f-42a0-be0a-21b40010c2b7_zps00c8eada.jpg

Another amazing finish by Heidi, thank you so much for sharing with us all, we always luv to see your wonderful work.   As always your work is beyond words!

luv from Olga.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Some Finishes From Last Year

 photo 56f7d188-f1f7-474b-8a42-34b89c241b38_zps4adbe86d.jpg

 photo 0cb7924b-8f13-4cbc-9d68-c6c204c86235_zps38dfdc71.jpg

 photo 10f45a25-b3f9-43fd-9a58-30e3093b5367_zpsad932dcc.jpg

 photo f9bc703a-3da2-445b-ac12-746aaa913426_zpscda20cb1.jpg

 photo 5862b30f-4be3-4a52-8dd3-7b5096a6fdd7_zpsf9630864.jpg

 photo e0d52cdb-9363-4e72-92b8-530cf63f9043_zps3f76fbc0.jpg

 photo d1b5f059-36ae-45de-9797-ab3f0941f46b_zps2a9523fd.jpg

Before xmas last yr, I stitched this red robin for my friend Heidi, and she loves it, it was easy to stitch but a lot of colour changes, they were charts for cards, but thought it would lovely to make into a needle book.

I also stitched this mail art set to Elizabeth.

 photo c393897a-3765-40da-bb28-7e0851c556aa_zps41b27856.jpg

 photo e2e53756-7bee-4f1d-b52e-11eff5659446_zpsdaa907cc.jpg

 photo 4_zpsaf8c6069.jpg

 photo 3_zps15195ed6.jpg

 photo 5c242694-1e04-48ae-9ba5-437ed91118bf_zps6eaffdd5.jpg

 photo e577ef91-1324-4e83-8587-28f273c10a44_zps62c59c13.jpg

 photo 6eb42b75-5be4-40d4-a3fa-cb6935d46acd_zps66c1b54a.jpg

enjoy the pics.
luv from Olga.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Heidi's Latest Finish Mirabilia's Adia Fairy

 photo 20140311_121821_zps292282b2.jpg

 photo 20140311_113050_zpsc118e52f.jpg

 photo 20140311_113008222_zpse393038c.jpg

here is Heidi's latest mirabillia finish, as always her work is beyond words, im speechless!...........its Mirabilia's Adia on Polsitiches Enchanted forest opal linen.  the fabric complements the design so beautifully!

 Absolutely beautiful Heidi, thank you for sharing with us all.  Its always a joy to see  your work.

luv from olga.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Bride and Groom

                     NEW                                        OLD

I'm still having problems posting pictures on my blog, so I have found a new way to show you the pics with my photobucket imaging host.
Last year, myself, my best mate Elizabeth, and Heidi, stitched this piece as a stitch a long, but Heidi, had to opt out, which was a blessing in disguise for Heidi, as me and Elizabeth changed so much of our charts, that it was a lot to take in for Heidi, but now she has our changes and updates, so that she can stitch this piece soon. 
this was an Asian kit we bought from eBay, I have actually stitched this piece once before, for my niece as a wedding gift which she absolutely adores!
We altered the tile colours to grey, we added flowers in the arch, we filled in spaces in the arch, we added many flowers to the bottom right and some on the left, we changed a lot on  her dress, the crosses on her dress I deleted completely, but Elizabeth decided she liked them but made them smaller, which looks great, we added a lot of kreniek shine to her dress, used metallic in parts, we used different beads, for example the red beads on the bottom frill of her dress were suppose to be gold, but we decided on red, the centre panel was suppose to have dark grey beads but used old ginger mill hill beads, we altered the size of the grooms arm, and added a blue metallic,  these are some of the changes we did, there were many more changes.
I have added a picture which shows both the old stitched design where nothing was changed, that one is the one on the right hands side, and the one on the left is the one I just stitched, with all the changes to it, as you can see, its almost like a new design.
so now I leave you to enjoy my pictures.
luv from Olga.